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- cannotsleep (中年非猥琐男国移) at 2011-12-15 15:22:32 (y1778191)

Ruzy 14:57:30

Hello, Welcome to Pandawill! Anything we can do for you? :)
Me 14:57:37

Me 14:58:57

Want to know the shipping date of my order 100000704,100000705 and 100000706
Ruzy 14:59:05

ok.pls wait a sec,let me check
Ruzy 15:01:21

100000706 sent out on 2011-08-11 23:11:02
Ruzy 15:02:14

100000704 is pending now which mean we have not get the payment for the order
Me 15:02:24

Thanks, would you be able to check the ETA?
Ruzy 15:02:42

100000705 sent out on 2011-05-10 23:11:02
Me 15:03:39

100000705 sent out on 2011-05-10 23:11:02? It can't be! I placed all those orders on 12/12/2011
Ruzy 15:04:34

if that,then pls double check the order number
Ruzy 15:05:37

sorry,i made a mistake,you place the order from newfreeshipping website?
Me 15:05:55

That's right!
Me 15:06:26

I mean I did palce those orders from newfreeshipping website
Ruzy 15:06:47

Ruzy 15:08:21

which website do you buy the REDEEM code ?
Me 15:10:35

Ruzy 15:11:07

Me 15:11:18

They are for Xmas, so just need to make sure they arrive by xMas Eve. :)
Ruzy 15:12:58

don't worry.once we get the notification from dealticker,we will sent out your order at once
Ruzy 15:13:18

any further problem,you can email to
Me 15:14:09

OK, how long would it normally take to get the notification from dealticker?
Ruzy 15:17:08

about 1-3 days
Me 15:18:33

Thanks, I guess I should wait a few more days. last question, how long would it take for the shipping? I'm in Ontario, Canada
Ruzy 15:19:28

usually it will take 7-20 working days except the weekend to delivery
Me 15:21:08

Thanks again, I guess I would have to cross my fingers then. Bye!

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