What does PIA stand for。。

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PIA Philippine Information Agency
PIA Professional Insurance Agents
PIA Privacy Impact Assessment
PIA Pakistan International Airlines (ICAO code)
PIA Parachute Industry Association
PIA Pittsburgh International Airport
PIA Printing Industries of America
PIA Pearson International Airport (Toronto, Canada)
PIA Primary Insurance Amount (US Social Security)
PIA Primary Interop Assembly
PIA Personal Investment Authority
PIA Pain In the Ass
PIA Peripheral Interface Adapter
PIA Prison Industry Authority (California)
PIA Primary Immunodeficiency Association
PIA Peoplesoft Internet Architecture
PIA Paid In Advance
PIA Parlamento Indígena de América (Spanish: Indigenous Parliament of America; Bolivia)
PIA Planned Incremental Availability
PIA Payment In Advance
PIA Products in Action
PIA Personal Injury Accident
PIA Plastics Institute of America
PIA Proprietary Information Agreement
PIA Participatory Impact Assessment
PIA Professional Inventors Alliance
PIA Procurement Integrity Act
PIA Porcine Intestinal Adenomatosis
PIA Progressive Indirect Attack
PIA Pure Internet Architecture (PeopleSoft)
PIA Partnership Intermediary Agreement
PIA Peoria, IL, USA - Greater Peoria Airport (Airport Code)
PIA Parent Interviews for Autism
PIA Programmable Interface Adapter
PIA Public Information Agency
PIA Protein Interaction Analysis
PIA Particulate Impact Analyzer
PIA Program Independent Assessment
PIA Photometers for Imaging the Aurora (Astrid-2 spacecraft)
PIA Propagation and Infection Analysis
PIA Propellant Isolation Assembly
PIA Programme Implementation Agency (India)
PIA Public Information Advisor
PIA Part in Assembly
PIA Process Improvement Associates (training and management consulting company)
PIA Priority Inversion Avoidance
PIA Program Initiation Agreement
PIA Power Injected Amplifier (structured home wiring for cable TV, internet, & audio distribution)
PIA Pyongyang International Airport
PIA Post Instructional Activity (aka homework)
PIA Peritonitis Index of Altona
PIA Photon-counting Image Acquisition
PIA Pre Infarct Angina
PIA Power Interface Assembly
PIA Program Initiation Authorization
PIA Perfect Information Algorithm
PIA Plant Inspection Assistant
PIA Packet Immediate Assignment
PIA Period of Insect Activity (entomology)
PIA Partial I/O (Input/Output) Activation (computer science)
PIA Proxy Interceptor Agent
PIA Product Implementation Architecture

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